Karla C.

Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA

There's really nothing bad i can say about these guys.

They recently changed management are really trying to dominate their social media presence.

Dont be surprised if they tell you that the only way they'll pay for your deductible is if you write them a review or shoot a testimonial for there instagram page.

which i did. lol

thanks guys.

Hopefully i dont have to see you guys anymore....-__-

Thanks guys.

Jessie J.

Norfolk, VA

I was involved in a hit and run. Some man hit my car on the highway and kept going after causing some serious damage. Of course, being in any accident is very upsetting. And it is made even worse when people do not stand up to what they do and make things right.

So, it fell on me to get my car fixed. I was very low on cash so I searched the site for broke and/or frugal people....Craigslist!

Anyway, I found the ad of Jessy's Auto Body Shop. I contacted them and they guided me through the whole process. I was low on cash and I had a $1000 deductible.

I was hoping that I could find a shop to cover part of the deductible and Jessy's did that. Instead of paying the full $1000, they only asked me to pay $750.

Jessy's Auto Body provided me with wonderful and unbelievable customer service. This made dealing with a stressful situation much easier. They also gave me a rental car to use in the meantime. They were a Godsend and the turnaround time was super fast too! I would definitely recommend Jessy's Body Shop to anyone and everyone!

CHarles S.

Laurel, MD

I was in town visiting family for a week. It was exciting, and I was looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing family. But, I had no car because we took public transportation. So, I borrowed my mother-in -law's car. She is a very friendly lady, but she loves her car! On the first day driving around town, a vehicle trying to get into my lane as we came to a slow down at a yellow light sideswiped me. I was so frustrated and angry.

I had to deal with the police, insurance, and my mother-in-law. What made it worse was I knew no one in town, and I could not exactly drive the car from the scene. It had to be towed, and they wanted to know a body shop to take it too. I went on craigslist and found this body shop. I am so glad I did!

I called them up and explained the situation. They were so reassuring and comforting over the phone that I had no qualms about having the car towed there.

I went with the tow truck to the shop. These guys are so professional and so affordable. They took a bad experience and made it a better with their outstanding customer service, genuine concern, and services they offer! They were able to have a rental car waiting when I got there! They took care of all the paperwork, dealing with insurance, and getting the quote to fix the care. They kept me informed throughout the process on what was being done and time frames. They even paid the insurance deductible, which was huge because we only budgeted so much for the trip!

When I got the car back I was ecstatic. It was done quickly, professionally, and I could not tell it was ever in an accident. I was so relived to deliver this back to my mother-in -law. She was so happy it looked and drove like it did before; she let me stay married to my wife. These guys saved my vacation, kept me in good spirits with their care and concern, and kept the peace with the family with the quick service and professional job they did in such a short time. I would highly recommend them, and now my mother in law and her family have a body shop for their needs.

Habiba I.

Los Angeles, CA

Decent work done. My friends car was restored well and in a timely fashion.